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Hello there! Please do look around and have a listen... You can see where I'm performing next and contact me if you have any questions. Check out some reviews and sign the guestbook if you would like to leave some feedback or just say hello. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to come back soon. :) Hugs 'n scarves 'n much love- Lara
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“First of all, I never strive for identity. That’s something that just has happened automatically as a result, I think, of just putting things together, tearing things apart and putting it together my own way, and somehow I guess the individual comes through eventually."- Jazz pianist Bill Evans



Private Event


Private Event


2016 Summer!! 

Summer is winding down, and although I always feel like it goes by too fast, I will remember these 2016 musical moments with particular fondness!! Hugs 'n scarves! 

1) Adventures in Montreal, performing with my incredible rhythm sections at the Montreal Jazz Festival and Resonance Cafe, and Rachel Therrien's Jazz Composer Series... More pictures by Evan Shay coming soon!

Lara Driscoll Trio Featuring Dave Laing (drums) and Remi-Jean LeBlanc (bass), Paris Favila and Ruthie Pytka-Jones (photos) Cafe Resonance 8/

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Three photographers I met this month... 

Musicians run into photographers all the time. I don't always catch their name, and I don't always see their work, but I do appreciate their silent artistry. I love supporting other artists and their hard work, and photographers never get enough credit! In the age of smartphones, we all have become a "photographer," but... I'd like to share with you a few excellent photographers I have met just THIS MONTH at gigs. All three are super nice, do great work, and deserve a thank you: Elena Bazini, Thomas Mohr

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Is music therapy for you?  

Seeing music move people makes it all worth it. On Monday I worked with ILUMAnations, which is a collaboration between the Loyola Museum of Modern Art and the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Northwestern University. Thanks to Prof. Haysun Kang's organization, I was invited to present music along with a few other Loyola colleagues to individuals with early on-set Alzheimers. Researchers noted body language and behavior while we shared music with the patients. It was a joy to play and sing with them and to…Read more

"In Good Taste" Hersey Band Wine Tasting Fundraiser 2016  

I had a blast performing for the Hersey Band Wine Tasting Fundraiser this past weekend with fellow alumni jazz musicians: Brendan Frank, Ryan Jacobi, and Kevin Jacobi. Check out some of photographer Sue Conolly's vivid snapshots from the evening.... See Gina DeGregorio's photo below. I'm hiding somewhere. ;)

Thanks so much to Scott Casagrande (band director) for all you did for us and for all you do for your students. You created an incredibly enriching, challenging, and multifaceted high school band…

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Photo location: TCV- Tibetan Children's Villages (refugee center), Dharamsala, India